The International Code of Ethics for Nurses

Each country has its own deontology and codes of ethics for healthcare professionals, but they all obey to an international code of ethics that defines the relationship between a nurse and people, profession, practice, and other healthcare professionals.

Nurses and People

Your primary responsibility as a nurse is to provide healthcare to people requiring it. In doing so, you must promote human rights, values, customs, and spiritual beliefs of each individual, their family or community.

You must ensure that your patient receives accurate, timely, and sufficient information in a manner they can fully understand so they can make an informed decision regarding consent for care and treatment.

In your relationship with patients, you must also hold all patient information confidential.

You also have the responsibility to initiate actions to meet the health needs of vulnerable people or those socially marginalized. In doing so, you must not hinder healthcare access to patients and must advocate for social equity and justice.

Nurse and Profession

As a nurse, you must assume a major role in defining and implementing acceptable standards for nursing practice, as well as participate in continuous medical education, management, and research.

You must take an active role in developing a professional core based on research and evidence-based practice.

You must also practice to sustain and protect the natural environment and contribute to promoting an ethical environment that condemns unethical practices and settings.

Nurses and Practice

As a nurse, you are responsible and accountable for your practice and for maintaining competence through continuous education. You must also maintain a standard of personal health that doesn’t compromise your ability to provide care.

You should use personal judgment and ethics regarding individual competence both when accepting and when delegating responsibilities.

You must maintain personal standards of conduct that reflect those of your profession and enhance your image and ability to inspire confidence. When using technology and scientific advances, you must make sure that they are compatible with the safety, dignity, and rights of your patients.

You must also promote and maintain practice through ethical behavior and open dialogue.

Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

As a nurse, you must sustain a collaborative and respectful relationship with other staff members, either nurses or other healthcare professionals. You must take appropriate action to safeguard individuals, families, and communities if another healthcare professional endangers the safety or integrity of a patient, coworker, or someone else.

You must take appropriate action to guide and support coworkers, explaining them and promoting the use of ethical conduct.

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