The Many Fields of Nursing


Nurses are the backbone of the health care industry, they fill a vital role in every field in health care.  There are many types of nursing fields and specialties, and all of them contribute greatly, but if you are thinking of pursuing a career in nursing here are the many fields of nursing you can work in.

Registered Nurses:  This is probably the most common career path for a nurse and they work in virtually all areas of the health industry.  The perform a variety of tasks, administering medication, monitoring vital sighs, supporting and educating patients along with a variety of treatments.  An RN can also go on to specialize in other medical areas.

Licensed Practical Nurses: An LPN will have a bit less training than an RN but they too are to be found in all aspects of healthcare.  They work in clinics, nursing homes and hospitals.  LPNs will monitor patients, give medication, and apply dressings.  Patients who need it will also have an LPN to help with personal hygiene.

Critical Care Nurses:  These types of nurses work primarily with critical care patients in hospitals or hospices.  They primarily work in the intensive care unit and they monitor and look after patients with life threatening injury or diseases.  Here is a look at the job of a critical care nurse.

Public Health Nurse: These are also registered nurses who have gone on to specialize in community health.  The will travel to community centers, schools and even private homes to help people with different health concerns.  The work together with community organizers in dealing with health related problems and they do perform all the duties of a registered nurse.

Nurse Practitioner: A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has had further training that gives them the opportunity to perform tasks that were normally performed by a physician.  They have the ability to diagnose and treat illness and in many states a nurse practitioner can even write prescriptions.

Travel Nurses:  A travel nurse will travel to areas where they are needed to fill in the gaps where there is a nursing shortage.  The often fill in for situations like maternity leaves, long term illness, sabbaticals and when a natural disaster strikes and there is a dramatic increase in patient load.  The terms are short but these nurses can be very well paid and the term of employment can vary although it will not be permanent.  They are registered nurses who work in hospitals or clinics and often housing is included as part of their compensation.

This is just a handful of your career options should you decide to get into the nursing profession.  You have plenty of career options ahead of you, all of them making a difference in your community.

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